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Infant Room Schedule

The infant room is for children six weeks through fifteen months of age; because development happens so quickly and independently during this time the room's schedule is tentative at best. Every child is encouraged to eat and sleep at their own preferred time. They are checked for a soiled diaper shortly after arrival and then checked again every two hours throughout the day. We incorporate language and sensory activities throughout the day whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Arrival & Breakfast

AM Snack


Teacher's Breaks

(floating staff)

PM Snack


6:15 - 7:30






Infant Program Overview

The goal of the infant program is first and foremost to create bonding relationships with you and your child. We want to learn how to best suit your needs and how to help your baby learn to navigate their own. This is why the schedule in this room varies so much from day to day. From birth, your child is developing an understanding of what they are feeling and figuring out ways to communicate those needs with the outside world. We implement basic baby sign language into our everyday routine to help children notice the cause-effect relationship of self-expression and start them on the path to independence through communication. 

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